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Group Art Studio 9" x 12" Illustrated Art Print

Group Art Studio 9" x 12" Illustrated Art Print

Molly Anne Bishop

A group of friends work in a bright and cheerful studio together. There's a quilter working on a sewing machine, 2 still-life drawers working in charcoal, and a potter making a mug on a banding wheel. A digital artist works on a still life in Photoshop, a painter contemplates her canvas - propped up on buckets - and a printer carefully pulls a print off a copper plate. Someone is cutting fabric for a project and another is working at her metal bench. Two friends are in the back critiquing each other's work and giving pointers.

High quality archival giclee printed on natural cardstock.

Size: 9" x 12"
Made by: Molly Anne Bishop in Chicago, Illinois

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