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Mango Peach Instant Iced Tea 6 Oz Mix

Mango Peach Instant Iced Tea 6 Oz Mix

Women's Bean Project

Women’s Bean Project’s sweetened mango and peach instant iced tea mix is always the hit of the pool party.  Add 2 cups hot water to iced tea mix. Once dissolved, add cold water to pitcher until desired concentration is reached.  Then, cool iced tea further with ice or in the fridge.

Women's Bean Project offers a viable way to address chronic unemployment, welfare dependency, and a host of other challenges by providing women with stable employment, on-the-job training, and life skills and career education. You can read more about the organization's impact here

Size: 6 oz., makes approximately 2 quart pitcher of tea

Made by: Women's Bean Project in Denver, Colorado

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