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Heartland Pepper & Garlic Spice Seasoning Jar

Heartland Pepper & Garlic Spice Seasoning Jar

Urban Accents

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This everything, everyday seasoning is an all natural, small-batch blend of salt, black pepper, parsley, garlic, and over eight other herbs and spices. It’s a great flavor boost for every dish you prepare from a simple appetizer to your favorite roast, poultry, fish or veggie recipe.


Ingredients: Salt, black pepper, parsley, garlic, white onion, red pepper, sesame seeds, dill seed, dill weed, lemon peel, green peppercorns, green onion. CONTAINS: Sesame seeds

Size:  4"H x 1.5"W x 1.5"D jar, 1.9oz
Made by: Urban Accents in Chicago, IL