Craft Party Craft Beer - Thanks to all who came to our Etsy Craft Party!

Craft Party Craft Beer - Thanks to all who came to our Etsy Craft Party!

etsy craft party hosted by neighborly sacred art and mint home

Last weekend we hosted an Etsy Global Craft Party with local shops Sacred Art, Lillstreet Art Center and Mint Home. We just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who sponsored our event, who purchased tickets and attended our event, and a HUGE HUGE thanks to our friends and neighbors Begyle Brewing, Spoken Cafe, Everybody's Coffee and Real Kitchen for keeping us hydrated and fed!

In case you weren't there, our craft party featured crafting stations hosted by talented local artists. Vichcraft gave tutorials and guidance on hand lettering, Kraeo Handmade helped us knit mini wall hangings, Kate of Prairie Kate Creations helped us letterpress coasters, and Heart of an Astronaut guided us in making a felted wool creation.

lettering with vichcraft

If you WERE there, we hope you had a fantastic time and learned a thing or two while you enjoyed yourself (I'm looking at you, ladies who ended the night with a dance off!). Please stay tuned to each of our shops for more fun craft activities in the works and if you love handmade and indie-made, for pete's sake come by our shops so we can show you all of the wonderful creations we have to offer!


- Neighborly, Sacred Art, Mint Home and Lillstreet Art Center

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