Brands & Makers


Independent brands are leading the charge toward a better manufacturing system, upholding a customers right to be informed, and are making business decisions in the interest of the long-term, not the fleeting trend. Small businesses account for nearly all net new job creation in the United States but the number of startups has been steadily decreasing since the 1970's. These are just a few of the reasons that Neighborly is committed to sourcing its products from small batch and independent makers because we believe these are the people that will lead the way to a better tomorrow for everyone.

Below is a selection of the brands and artists we carry:

A. Heirloom - Brooklyn, NY
All Things Grow - Michigan
Barebones Living 
Bean & Bailey - Chattanooga, TN
Biobu - France
Black + Blum - United Kingdom
Bright Endeavors - Chicago, IL
Circa Ceramics
- Chicago, IL
Convivial Production - Kansas City, MO
Corbé Company - Detroit, MI
Department of Everyday - Indianapolis, IN
Earth Cadets - Chicago, IL
Fog Linen - Japan
Good Studio - Holland, MI
Good Thing NY - New York
Grand Trunk - Skokie, IL
Graymarket Design 

Hawkins NY - New York
Minimum Design - France
Modern Sprout - Chicago, IL
Mrs Jones' Soapbox - Florida
Normann Copenhagen - Copenhagen, Denmark
Nourishing Notes - Chicago, IL
Obvious State - New York, NY
Rada Cutlery - Waverly, IA
RAYGUN - Des Moines, IA
Redcruiser - Minneapolis, MN
Reuse First - Chicago, IL
Revolution Design House - Portland, OR
RV Metalshop - Georgia
Short Stack Editions - New York
Stak Ceramics - Pittsburgh, PA
Tactile Craftworks - Milwaukee, WI
Willful Goods - Minneapolis, MN
Wood Creek & Co - San Diego, CA