Craft with Neighborly! Our new blog series: Make Something Sunday!

Craft with Neighborly! Our new blog series: Make Something Sunday!

Welcome to our new blog series, Make Something Sunday! So many of the handmade products that fill the shelves at Neighborly are rooted in creativity and getting hands dirty! We want to share a small piece of the satisfaction of making something by hand and take a moment to connect with something tactile through the power of craft! We’ll be collecting our favorite simple and modern crafts that are in the style you’ve come to know and love at Neighborly. Sometimes we’ll be adding in a little ‘Neighborly' twist to them like using repurposed materials or adding our own unique design. Ready to get making?

Today we are a featuring a craft from Emma Chapman of 
A Beautiful Mess. A Beautiful Mess was founded by Midwest sisters Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson. Their blog is a fun and colorful mix of crafts, decor, and food. Today we will be making little painted planters using recycled glass jars from Oui by Yoplait yogurt. The jar is a cute shape and a perfect vessel for new plant babies, or even air plants! In Chicagoland this yogurt can be found at Mariano's and Jewel. 

Besides the Oui by Yoplait yogurt jars, you will need all purpose acrylic paint, paint brushes, and of course a cute little plant. All purpose acrylic paint can easily be found at any local craft store or even online.

We love Emma's design of a white painted jar and full red lips, but here at Neighborly we are going to paint our jars a range of colors from yellow, peach, and brown; with different facial expressions. Call it a sisterhood of potted plants. ;-) We want each of our jars to have their own look and personality! Be sure to paint on the outside of the jar, as painting inside will soak into your soil over time. 

We would love to see your take on this craft! Tag us on social media with the handles below and #makesomethingsunday and we’ll send you a code for $5 off at the shop! Happy crafting and don’t forget to come back next Sunday for our next craft or sign up for our Make Something Sundays email list and we’ll send you an email every time we post a new craft!

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