Best of Etsy and Indie-Makers for Fall

Best of Etsy and Indie-Makers for Fall

Roughly once per season, we bring you a collection products from independent makers (that we may or may not carry in the shop) that we think are worth your eye! Read on for the products we're currently 'fall'ing for.

We can't think of a better combination for a fall evening in the Midwest...

The Dylan Tee by Skyline Fever in Bandera, TX

Really we enjoy all of these things year round, but for some reason the idea of all of these together on a fall evening feels even more enticing. Add a few close friends, a little Petty (RIP), and the smell of freshly fallen leaves, mmm hmm yes.

Time to bring the outdoors in...

Minimal Designseco-friendly 3D printed planters are one of our most popular new products in the shop. We love that their patterns are eye catching, yet simple.

REALLY, bring the outdoors in...

Wallpaper is back in full force and even better, we're seeing a lot of large, bold patterns reminiscent of wallpaper's style in 'the old days' - now that it can be temporary, we're jumping on this bandwagon! Self-adhesive Banana Leaf Wallpaper from Wall Halla in Amsterdam.

'Soup up' your soup...

Pink Striped White Bowl by Bowl Cut Ceramics in San Francisco

Time for soup and thereby soup bowls. There's something even more soulful about eating soup from a handmade ceramic bowl and this one really caught our eye. We love the modern glaze design coupled with traditional flecked stoneware.

Fall is wonderful, but secretly we still hope for an Indian Summer...

Indian Summer Print by Oelwein in Malmö, Sweden.

Check back in a few months for our picks for the holiday season including gift ideas, artwork and home goods from independent and small batch makers!


All photos credited to the company or people in their respective product links.

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