Gold Medal Home Goods

Gold Medal Home Goods

Pillow by Earth Cadets (made in Chicago!): $45

Whether you’re in it for the feats of athleticism or the sappy commercials, the Olympics are a chance to soak up some national pride. To get in the spirit, we conducted our own medals ceremony for our favorite made-in-the-USA products (somehow everyone tied for Gold).

We haven’t been able to stop admiring Moglea’s hand-painted envelopes, metallic accents, and dreamy color combos since their cards hit our shelves last week. The swoon-worthy stationery, handcrafted in this stunning Iowa studio, is almost too pretty to mail!
Individual flat cards: $5.50 – 7.50, box of 6 die-cut cards: $15

Boxcar planters by Revolution Design House are handcrafted from solid wood in Portland, Oregon. Careful thought is given to every step of the process, from sourcing the wood to the utilitarian and attractive stainless steel inserts. RDH also makes quirky hand-cast candles, fun-meets-functional phone charging rugs, and modern furniture.
Solo walnut planter: $28

Marnie Karger, artist behind the moniker Crafterall, uses layers of cardstock and “an arsenal of tiny blades” to create amazingly intricate pieces. Crafterall’s modern take on topography was originally inspired by her home state of Minnesota’s multitude of lakes, but most recently she’s tackled the serene sprawl of Chicago’s urban shoreline.
8″ x 10″ papercut art: $40 (also available for Downtown Chicago!)

There are so many hometown heroes that someone from the international delegation has to be really special to find a spot in our shelves. We root for these makers from abroad because of their commitment to ethical manufacturing, use of sustainable materials, and an unmatched design style.



Representing Sweden: Fjällräven
Fjällräven’s (pronounced fee-y’all-raven) goal is to create “generation products” that are ultra durable and timeless. Their backpacks, like the classic Kånken, are designed for everyday carry in all weather conditions (even Scandinavian!). You can find more info about their commitment to sustainability here.
Classic Kånken backpack: $75


Representing Denmark: Michelle Carlslund
Copenhagen-based artist Michelle Carlslund prints her playful, modern illustrations on eco-friendly stone paper, which releases half as much carbon dioxide in production than normal paper. She says, “I think there is enough stuff in the world already. If I am going to add more, the least I can do is to make it as sustainable as possible.”
12″ x 16″ hot dog print: $28 (more options!) / with frame: $56


Representing Canada: Xenia Taler
This vibrant print is made using soy inks and a risograph machine, which uses substantially less energy than other printing methods. We also stock porcelain coasters, greeting cards, and ornaments patterned with Xenia’s distinct geometric designs.
11″ x 17″ risograph print: $24 / with frame: $52


Representing France: ¿adónde?
¿Adónde? means “where” in Spanish but for these French designers, it translates to a policy of complete openness – they use local manufacturers in France and hold themselves to the highest sustainability standards. These origami-inspired 3D shelves can be hung solo in a tight corner or combined with others to create graphic and functional wall art. Take a peek at the myriad options here.
Metal origami shelf: $50

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