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Home in the Heartland: An Autumnal Gallery Wall

“Midwest is Best” is a favorite mantra of the proud midwesterner, and no season realizes that mantra more than fall. In a series of three posts, we’re hoping to scratch the surface of why we’re lucky to call the Heartland home. First up, here’s our take on a gallery wall compromised of pieces made in the Midwest. 

For a fall day that’s a little too chilly for an apple orchard or a football game, putting together a gallery wall is a great way to greet the changing season and refresh your space. A festive arrangement can breathe new life into long-adored pieces or finally get that dust-collecting hoard of artwork on the wall. While gallery walls can seem like a next-level feat of decor prowess, we’ve got a few easy steps to de-mystify the deed.

1. Curate your wall! Is there a general theme or story you want to convey? We picked pieces from some of our favorite Midwest-based artists to adorn our wall.

2. Anchor around one focal point (note: this doesn’t have to mean “central” point when it comes to hang-time). Let this focal piece speak to the color story or overall feel of the other pieces. Our wall incorporates autumnal tones stemming from the rich rust featured in Crosshair’s Ides print.

3. Variety is the spice of life: use different sizes and styles of artwork and throw in an unexpected yet useful feature like a mirror or shelf to mix it up. We used a small hexagonal shelf to add a rustic yet geometric element to the wall.

4. Don’t be afraid to mix frames. As long as the frame compliments the artwork its displaying and doesn’t clash with the other pieces, you’re in the clear. We picked a mixture of simple metal frames (made in OH!) as well as a few reclaimed wood frames in different finishes and colors.

5. Lay your framed pieces out on the floor so you can play around with the layout. Start with the largest piece, deliberately off-center, adding smaller pieces as you go.

6. Keep at least 3″ between each piece. Adhering to this rule lets you break others by adding a sense of balance without being restricted to a hard and fast symmetrical layout.

7. Let the arrangement speak to you, tweak as needed, and add styling elements where necessary.

8. Admire your work, and promptly invite guests over to show off your design skills!

Clockwise from top right: Acorn Cabin print by Arsenal Handicraft (MI) in 11×14 reclaimed frame by FoundRe (Chicago), Ides #2 silkscreen by Crosshair (Chicago), No Awesome Adventures print by Starshaped Press (Chicago), Pork Cuts letterpress print by Hammerpress (MO), Ivory candle pillar [on shelf] by Convivial Production (MO). All prints and frames available at Neighborly.