Make Something Sunday: Air Plant Pin

Make Something Sunday: Air Plant Pin

Thank you for stopping by Make Something Sunday, where we post a new craft every Sunday from our favorite DIY bloggers! We want to inspire you to create at home with simple and fun crafts. Let's get started! 

This week we are featuring a craft from Kristin of Bliss Makes. We have featured Kristin's crafts in the past, and she is our favorite funky crafter from Las Vegas! Today we are making Kristin's Air Plant Pin. It's so simple that its almost not even a craft, but we just had to share because the idea is brilliant. We love plants so much, why not wear one? To complete this craft you will need three items: an air plant, a back clasp broach pin, and E6000 glue (an industrial strength glue). E6000 glue can be found at craft stores and big box stores. 

The best type of air plant to use for this craft is an Ionantha Guatemala, but you can always experiment with different varieties. We sell a selection of air plants at Neighborly, including Ionantha Guatemala, for $3-$5 each. Caring for an air plant is very simple. They don't need soil, just a little water. We recommend soaking your air plant once a week in a cup of chlorine-free water for an hour. Its important to make sure that your air plant dries completely after soaking, so that it doesn't rot in the center. To dry it, turn it upside down for around 24 hours to allow the water to drain out. That's it!

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