Make Something Sunday: DIY Citronella Candle

Make Something Sunday: DIY Citronella Candle

Welcome back to Make Something Sunday, our new DIY blog series! We are posting a new DIY craft every Sunday to inspire you create at home, featuring fun and useful crafts from some of our favorite DIY bloggers. Lets get started on our craft of the week!

Today we are featuring a craft from Caroline Burke of Burkatron. Caroline hails from the UK and creates very modern and simple craft ideas. Today we will be making Caroline's DIY Citronella Candle. This is the time of year that mosquitoes are all too excited to join in on our rooftop BBQs, backyard bonfires, and lakefront hangouts. Keep them away with this easy and cute craft!

To make your candle you'll need soy wax, a wick, glue, citronella essential oil, and a bowl, glass, or jar. We at Neighborly are going to use our Chicago Star Rocks Glass as our holder for the candle. Its the perfect size and we are always looking for ways to display our love of Chicago! You can purchase our rocks glass on our website or in store for $7 each. Citronella essential oil can be found locally at Merz Apothocary and CVS. 

Additionally you'll need a double boiler to melt your wax, the same thing you would use to melt chocolate on the stove. This craft has us feeling adventurous, so we are going to add some eucalyptus essential oil to our candle as well. Eucalyptus is another strong essential oil that can help make your candle more effective against those pesky bugs. Other essential oils that are good for repelling against mosquitos are peppermint, lemon, basil, clove, thyme, geranium, and lavender. So get creative and blend oils to your heart's desire! 

We would love to see your take on this craft! Tag us on social media with the handles below and #makesomethingsunday and we’ll send you a code for $5 off at the shop (one per person)! Happy crafting and don’t forget to come back next Sunday for our next craft or sign up for our Make Something Sundays email list and we’ll send you an email every time we post a new craft!

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