Make Something Sunday: DIY Flannel Blanket Scarf

Make Something Sunday: DIY Flannel Blanket Scarf

Thank you for stopping by Make Something Sunday, where we post a new craft every Sunday from our favorite DIY bloggers! We want to inspire you to create at home with simple and fun crafts. Let's get started! 

Today we are featuring a craft from Caitlin of The Merry Thought. Caitlin is from Western New York, and we love her useful DIY projects that focus on natural and affordable materials! Today we are making Caitlin's DIY Flannel Blanket Scarf. This craft requires very few materials, just a pair of scissors and a yard of flannel fabric. Fabric stores carry flannel fabric by the yard for only a few dollars, and the pattern options are endless. This a great craft to save for a cold, rainy day, as the process of creating fringe on the scarf can be a bit tedious. Caitlin suggests putting on a movie while you work. Grab a cup of hot tea as well, and this sounds like a fun Sunday afternoon to us! 

We also love the idea of hosting a scarf making party. Collect many different patterns of flannel fabric, put some snacks and cocktails out, and have the gals over. A perfect autumn get-together! 

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