Make Something Sunday: DIY Gold Fringe Party Hats

Make Something Sunday: DIY Gold Fringe Party Hats

Thank you for stopping by Make Something Sunday, where we post a new craft every Sunday from our favorite DIY bloggers! Did you enjoy the holidays? We did! We took a break from our usual DIY schedule to fully immerse ourselves into the season. But we are back and so excited to get creating again, just in time for New Year's Eve. Let's get started!

Today we are featuring a craft from one of our favorite DIY ladies, Molly, of Almost Makes Perfect. Everything Molly makes is pure gold in our eyes, and today the craft is literally gold! We will be making Molly's Gold Fringe Party Hats, just in time for our NYE party. To make the hats you will need gold metallic tissue paper, cardstock, elastic, and tape. It helps to have fringing scissors, but regular scissors will work fine too. Fringing scissors can be found at craft or art stores, as well as online. Metallic paper can be quite finicky, so Molly recommends using quick cuts. 

We are going to use the gold metallic tissue paper Molly recommends, as well as black tissue paper to match our NYE party decor. You can use any color or texture of tissue paper to complete this craft. These would be cute to make for birthday parties as well! 

We would love to see your take on this craft! Tag us on social media with the handles below and #makesomethingsunday and we’ll send you a code for $5 off at the shop (one per person)! Happy crafting and don’t forget to come back next Sunday for our next craft or sign up for our Make Something Sundays email list and we’ll send you an email every time we post a new craft!

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