Make Something Sunday: DIY Incense Holder

Make Something Sunday: DIY Incense Holder

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Today we are featuring a craft from Caroline Burke of Burkatron. Caroline is from the UK and creates very modern craft ideas with clean lines. Today we will be making Caroline's DIY incense holder. Its still very much the season of hygge, and we are all about cozying up our space. These simple holders are great for putting anywhere: a shelf, a coffee table, or the kitchen counter. To complete this craft you will need air dry clay, clear varnish, a sharp knife, and a sandpaper block. Caroline offers two different methods to achieve the geometric shape of the holder. You can cut your clay ball while its still wet, making it easier to correct mistakes but it can be more difficult to make clean cuts. Another method would be to allow your clay to dry slightly (no longer than 24 hours); this allows the knife to cut more cleanly through the clay. 

Air dry clay can be found in the craft section of any big box store or craft store. Its also easily found online. If you are looking for some amazing smelling incense, we have some on sale here!

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