Make Something Sunday: Flower Arranging Tips

Make Something Sunday: Flower Arranging Tips

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Today we are heading over to Jojotastic for some Flower Arranging Tips. Not so much a craft, but a skill perfect for honing before Valentine's Day! Seattle-based Joanna is the creator of Jojotastic. For this post she reached out to Sarah, a floral designer at The Stemmery, a floral shop also located in the Seattle area. Sarah has 9 tips for creating a beautiful bouquet and how to keep it fresh longer. To build your bouquet, Sarah recommends starting by building a base with greenery, adding focal elements, then filling it in with your remaining ingredients. Make your arrangement interesting by adding non-traditional focal elements. Blueberry branches, artichokes, or pomegranates are fun options. Almost anything that grows can be put in an arrangement!

It is important to use a fresh, clean vase for each new bouquet. Bacteria in a vase from a previous arrangement can linger and cause your new bouquet to die much faster, so make sure its been washed well with soap and hot water. Replenish the water in your bouquet daily. This will remove bacteria and help your bouquet last longer.  

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