Make Something Sunday: Painted Picnic Blanket

Make Something Sunday: Painted Picnic Blanket

Welcome back to Make Something Sunday, our DIY blog series! We post a new DIY craft every Sunday to inspire you create at home, featuring fun and useful crafts from some of our favorite DIY bloggers. Let's get started on our craft of the week!

Today's craft is from Bri Emery of the lifestyle blog Design Love Fest. Bri is a Los Angeles based graphic designer and art director. She blogs about DIY, style, food, travel, entertaining, and more. She even offers crafting workshops, unfortunately for us they are in Los Angeles, but thankfully she also posts tutorials on her blog! Today we are making Bri's creative and colorful Painted Picnic Blanket. The colors and patterns for this blanket are endless! For this craft you will need 1 drop cloth, latex satin finish house paint, and small paint rollers. If you are going to create Bri's ombre diamond pattern, you will also need 1 roll of 2 inch painter's tape and 2 containers to mix paint. All of these items can be found at your local Chicagoland hardware store, such as Crafty Beaver or Ace Hardware. When shopping for a drop cloth, look for one with a canvas side and a leak resistant (plastic lined) bottom layer. How smart is that to have a plastic lining on the bottom? Now you won't have to ruin any blankets at your future picnics! 

Bri chose a diamond pattern and an ombre effect when painting her blanket. We are really digging the abstract color blocking trend (similar to this DIY painting project), and are going to free hand paint a pattern onto our blanket. Be sure to watch Bri's video tutorial for a better understanding of the project. Have fun and happy summer picnicking! 

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