Make Something Sunday: Storage Grid

Make Something Sunday: Storage Grid

Welcome back to Make Something Sunday, our DIY blog series! We post a new DIY craft every Sunday to inspire you create at home, featuring fun and useful crafts from some of our favorite DIY bloggers. Let's get our hands dirty!

Today we are featuring a craft from Caroline Burke of Burkatron. Caroline is from the UK and creates very modern, clean, and simple craft ideas. Today we will be making Caroline's Storage Grid, made from three simple materials: flexible garden mesh, plastic primer, and spray paint. This grid is a great place to store magazines, photos, or mail. Or you could put it in your kitchen and add some s-hooks to hang utensils and scissors! Garden mesh is very easily found this time of year in local home and garden stores. The wire mesh is often covered in a plastic coating (likely green in color), which is why you may need to spray the mesh with plastic primer before spray painting. Caroline recommends doing a test patch of spray paint directly onto your wire mesh to see if the paint dries correctly. If it does, you can skip the plastic primer step. 

Caroline paints her Storage Grid black, but we think white would look clean and fresh as well. Especially with some air plants tucked into the squares of the grid! We have cute little air plants available at Neighborly anywhere from $3-$15 each. Get creative and paint your grid any color that matches your personal style and decor. This craft has endless opportunities for look and function!

We would love to see your take on this craft! Tag us on social media with the handles below and #makesomethingsunday and we’ll send you a code for $5 off at the shop (one per person)! Happy crafting and don’t forget to come back next Sunday for our next craft or sign up for our Make Something Sundays email list and we’ll send you an email every time we post a new craft!

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