New For Spring

New For Spring

Spring is full of newness and we can feel it’s oh so close! We’re ready for it here at Neighborly with a bunch of new products and more still on their way…


Freshen up spring colors in your life with handmade cups and hanging planters from TN-based Bean & Bailey Ceramics, beautiful pastel-patterned stationary from Chicago’s own Stephanie Raab or bright but simple Joco Cups for your morning joe.

For even more “to-go” utility, the Cuppow mason jar adapter is perfect for keeping food separate until you’re ready to eat it, like salads and dressing, chips and salsa or veggies and hummus.

With March Madness on the way, help keep your beer cold with Freaker’s new collegiate edition bottle sweaters and get even more hop-happy with illustrated prints of beer and food pairings from red cruiserbased in Minneapolis.


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