Sparkle & Shine: A Jewelry Pop-up at Neighborly!

Sparkle & Shine: A Jewelry Pop-up at Neighborly!


It takes mere seconds of watching a jeweler at work to realize just how much love and skill goes into a piece of handcrafted jewelry…reforming some of the hardest materials on earth into a perfectly shaped and polished piece. To celebrate this craft, we’re hosting a special jewelers’ pop-up at Neighborly featuring pieces that are modern, subtle, and unique. The jewelry will only be available for a limited time from 01/30 – 02/14, obviously coordinating with Valentine’s Day – but don’t be shy ladies – we very much encourage treating yourself (you work hard, you deserve it!).



PLEASE NOTE because of the short term nature of the pop-up, we will not be listing the items on the webshop and will have a limited supply and rotating selection. We will restock when possible, but all of the jewelry seen here may not be available. Please call ahead if you have your eye on something in particular.


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