Thoughtful Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Valentine’s Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is coming up fast (February 14th guys, write it down!) and whether you need to say “I love you”, “I like you a lot” or “We just met but here’s a little something”, we’ve picked out our favorite non-traditional yet meaningful gifts for her, him, or BFFS.vdaygiftsMore Valentine’s cards are available in store and online!

skandinavisk_roTRANQUILITY CANDLE – $48
To survive the darkest days of winter, the Scandinavians celebrate a concept called “hygge” which involves creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. This tranquility candle with 45 hours of burn time will provide the warm atmosphere; we’ll leave the “good people” part to you.


renew_clutch_spottedHANDMADE CLUTCH – $45
We collaborated with local non-profit Re:New to produce a fresh line of fold-over clutches that are the perfect size for a night out on the town. Re:New upcycles fabrics whenever possible and supports refugee women in the Chicagoland area with job training and a social community. A variety of styles are available.


coop_honeyscrubHONEY BATH SCRUB – $16
We all could use a little extra scrub these days. Try this honey version made by Chicago Honey Co-op, a local non-profit that supports job training programs nad provides educational resources about beekeeping.

Plan a weekend getaway and make memories that last a lifetime. We love Wildsam Field Guides because they include more than the usual recommendations for food and lodging and get to the essence of the city with historical anecdotes, local interviews and memoirs, hand drawn maps, and more. Other cities available!

Adult coloring books are a bandwagon we’re happy to jump on – if you hadn’t heard, a recent study found it’s a great way to reduce stress. Who doesn’t have fond memories of coloring their favorite cartoon characters (or scribbling on walls all over the house)?

For now we can only dream, but it won’t be too long until you can enjoy a nap in the shade or, for the more adventurous, a camping trip under the stars. This lightweight, super durable nylon hammock is designed by Skokie-based Grand Trunk.

Take a bit of nostalgia and a bit of Chicago and you get this playful interpretation of the Chicago transit system map in the style of Zelda (Super Mario styles also available).

rxmade_beercaddy26-PACK CARRIER – $35
Whatever your beverage of choice, we all know it’s better to share than to drink alone. Arrive to the party in style with this bottle carrier made from reclaimed wood at the Chicago Rebuilding Exchange. Great for BYOB, bottle shares, or as countertop wine or liquor storage.

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