Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Give a gift as authentic as your love! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be filled mediocre chocolate and spray-painted roses, instead give a gift that’s chosen with care. We’ve gathered a few ideas below, but stop in the shop this week for many more thoughtful gift options.


If comfort is king for your valentine, look no further. Pamper your precious one with a no-fuss night in. Our picks to make the night extra special… locally-made, decadent Mexican hot cocoa, a cuddly fox (other than yourself, of course), and a charming play on a floral bouquet that won’t wilt before you can say chrysanthemum.
 Fox pillow by Areawarea – $18, Mexican drinking chocolate mix by Katherine Anne Confections – $13.50, mason jar bouquet print by Methane Studios – $25, handmade cedar frame by Lunar Canyon – $50


The connoisseur of all things craft has the best taste: a desirable quality, but also an incredibly difficult breed to buy for. Fret no longer: use this screen printed distillery map to serve as inspiration for many a weekend getaway. You’ll need the perfect whiskey-ware; recycled wine bottle turned whiskey glasses with ice molds are the perfect pairing. Download the Distiller app so they can track all their favorites while keeping their phone protected from splashes and spills in this handmade phone case. Because we all know things can get a little crazy when whiskey’s involved.
Recycled Bourbon Glasses by Refresh Glass – $35/set of two, marble coasters by Roost – $4.75 each, waxed canvas/leather phone case/wallet by Dodocase – $50, midwest distillery map by Jack Muldowney – $25


For that person in your life who puts good design before all else. Pair modern handmade ceramic pillars with Chicago Honey Co-op’s beeswax candles that support their job training program. Top it all off with a new piece of artwork that’s ready to hang: a birch-mounted motivational reminder. Social-conscious gifts with great design never go out of style.
Ivory Candle Pillars by Convivial Production – $15-22, fluted beeswax candle by Chicago Honey Coop – $11, mounted print by Help Ink (8″ x 10″) – $39

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