Product Submissions

First things first...

We do not sell jewelry!

Do not call or stop by the store!

Ok now that that's out of the way... before submitting your products to us, please carefully review our style, genres of products, and price points to be sure your products align well. If you are using eco-friendly materials or processes, make your products by hand, or use ethical standards in manufacturing (safety, workers rights, fair pay), please include this information in your submission to us. If you are not doing at least one of these things, we will not consider your product. Please also include if you would be willing to let us carry your products on consignment in general, or for an initial test period of 90 days.

If after careful review you feel your products may fit in at Neighborly, please send your submission to products [at] neighborlyshop [dot] com. Include a few lo-resolution images, or a link to your webshop. It is unlikely you will hear back from us unless we are interested in your product. If it wasn't such a strain on our time, we would reply to everyone, but we are a team of only three people so please don't take it personally!