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Anecdotal Coconut Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle

Anecdotal Coconut Soy Wax Glass Jar Candle

Anecdote Candles

Clever names with reference to modern life, lend themselves perfectly to these no nonsense candles. Made with coconut-soy wax, cotton core wicks, and phthalate fragrance oils. Burn time of approximately 40 - 50 hours.

Scroll down for scent notes!

Size:  2.6”Dia x 3.75”H, 7.8oz
Handmade by: Anecdote Candles in Oakland, CA

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Scent Notes:

*If you trust the opinion of others, the asterisks indicate our best sellers in-store.*

*Adulting:* an invigorating blend of fig and sandalwood infused with grapefruit and lemon round out to a cozy cashmere warmth

Mid-Century Modern: woody base topped with lively floral and citrus notes; hints of lavender, jasmine, and orange

Bottomless Mimosa: a fresh citrus aroma of blood orange, bergamot, and grapefruit. Fresh green notes round out to remind you of your favorite boozy brunch beverage

*Comfort Zone:* warm and seductive, orange blossom floats above a rich heart of coffee and jasmine, grounded by the warmth of vanilla, patchouli, and cedarwood

*Forest Bathing:* tranquil and energizing green tea & lemongrass, layered with a floral blend of jasmine, lavender, and orange flowers with a clean citrus musk

Old Flame: a sultry, smoky, and sensual unisex scent - hints of violet and cardamom are blended on top of a deep sandalwood and leather base

Succulent Garden: cactus flowers and coconut on top of a soothing sandalwood base; top notes of green and citrus

Astrological Storming: hints of apple and pear, followed by exotic violet notes and rich base notes of sandalwood and incense

Rooftop Soirée: crisp notes of red apple, jasmine, peony, and rose float above a soothing suede base, delivering a casually seductive aroma

*Vinyl Records:* opening notes of bergamot, jasmine and amber are balanced with a soothing base of sandalwood and oud