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Coop Hot Sauce
Coop Hot Sauce
Coop Hot Sauce
Coop Hot Sauce
Coop Hot Sauce

Coop Hot Sauce

Coop Hot Sauce

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Coop Hot Sauce has been working with Midwestern farmers and raising money for youth arts and entrepreneurship programs in Chicago since 2003. Grab a taste of the spicy side of Chicago!

Jalapeño Lime
Heat Rating: 4
This sauce is simple and sweet. Using fresh and roasted jalapeño gives it a flavor that is unmistakably Co-op. TRY IT WITH: Fish, chicken and vegetables. Made with produce from Peidt Farms in Eau Claire, MI.

The Barrel
Heat Rating: 2
A classic, all purpose sauce, made from the Koval Whiskey barrel-aged sauce, finished with Dark Matter roasted Harrar and Nicaragua coffee. Featuring fermented Japonais and Anaheim peppers from Peidt Farms, this sauce adds tart heat to pizza or a simple dish of rice and beans.

Heat Rating: 3
You know the east Asian heat of Chi-racha from the popular sauce of similar name, but the Co-op version brings you the familiar flavors of fermented jalapeno and garlic without the preservatives. A crowd pleaser that’s good on just about everything, especially rice and noodle dishes.

Smoky Mole
Heat Rating: 2
Rich and smoky, complex and versatile, this mole sauce is a restaurant favorite. Perfect to punch up your guacamole or add a little heat to your braise. Made using chilis from Dried Chilis Radical Root Farm, Libertyville, Il.

Size: 5oz bottle
Made by: Co-op Sauce in Chicago, IL