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Cup of Love Biodegradable Tea Bags (10 Ct.)

Cup of Love Biodegradable Tea Bags (10 Ct.)

Big Heart Tea Co.

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Cup of Love is a mild, nurturing, naturally sweet rose tea. Crafted by hand to reduce stress and soothe your soul. A floral olfactory release, just like a hug from your grandma.

Tea bags are extra big to give the tea room to fully expand and breathe while it steeps.

Plus, tea bags are biodegradable and made from a woven mesh called Soilon. Soilon is derived from corn starch and can be biodegraded completely- it’s safe, plastic-free and non-toxic - perfect for filtering tea and herbal infusions.

Ingredients: rose, organic tulsi

Size: 10 tea bags
Made by: Big Heart Tea Co in St. Louis, MO