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Farm Fresh Popcorn Kernels 1 lb Jar

Farm Fresh Popcorn Kernels 1 lb Jar

Petersen Family Farm

Dive into the tasty experience of farm fresh popcorn from Petersen Family Farm. Nurtured from chosen heirloom seeds, these kernels echo the warmth of sun-soaked fields, capturing the farm's spirit in every bite. The sunny yellow variety delivers a bright and inviting flavor, making each pop a celebration. The calico assortment offers a symphony of flavors featuring red, yellow, and blue kernels.

Whether you’re using a contemporary popcorn popper, a trusted cast-iron skillet, or the nostalgic embrace of an open flame, the aroma beckons a promise of gourmet pleasure.

To truly elevate its taste, pair with olive oil, season with a touch of Himalayan pink salt, a hint of mixed herbs or one of Urban Accents' Popcorn Seasonings.

Non-GMO. Please enjoy within 12-24 months.

Size: 16 oz
By: Petersen Family Farm in Utah

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